Nicoa Dunne, executive coach and founder

“Life by Design. I Love Mine.”

The Short Story …

Nicoa QUIT her job in 2009 with a stay-at-home husband and three kids 12 and under in the middle of an economic down-turn…some called her crazy. She, however, never felt more calm, coherent and content. She made the right decision. Six years later, she is HAPPIER and more aware than she has ever been in her life and now knows you can be, too! And you don’t have to quit! Unless of course you want to. She had a very successful, fulfilling, and yes, HAPPY corporate human resources career for 16+ years with GE, Thermo Fisher and Allscripts! It is life AFTER corporate that is now serving her so much more fully and is just more fun! She established her own professional coaching and consulting business (holland archer), helped create and lead the cradle-to-grave efforts of a coaching startup called Roving Coach International and continues growing holland archer to continuing to align to her purpose of helping leaders help themselves! She likes to say she is a retired corporate executive…because it certainly feels like that! This knowing of doing and being what you are meant to be has profoundly shifted her approach to life and allows her to begin and end every action, every reaction and every interaction with what she cares about most. She is a go to professional resource for coaching and consulting teams around culture and values and engages fully with everyone she partners with! Not only is she a coach and consultant but she is a confidante you can trust.

The Long Story …

Nicoa brings two decades of experience in global corporate communications, strategic human resources and executive coaching to her coaching and consulting approach –  only in the past few years has she really slowed down long enough to intentionally and purposefully design a life she truly loves and credits having her own coach personally help her recognize the power of her own purpose. Nicoa’s background includes a career with General Electric (GE), where she graduated from the prestigious GE Human Resources Leadership Program (HRLP). After a successful career path within GE she was recruited to Thermo Fisher Scientific with executive VP positions and responsibilities spanning twenty countries and over 10,000 employees. After many years of world traveling and merger and acquisition activities, Nicoa returned to her home state of North Carolina to take on the challenge of Executive Vice President of Human Resources for Misys Healthcare and Allscripts, where she successfully provided key change and integration leadership for two years.

Nicoa QUIT her job in 2009. She chose to leave her executive role first because the AMERICAN DREAM she believed would create HAPPINESS well, it didn’t at least not fully. It just wasn’t enough! What was wrong?!? Why wasn’t she happy? More importantly, she wasn’t having any more fun! She began exploring her NEW dream of being an entrepreneur and executive coach as the founder and managing partner of holland archer, inc. a company she created with a focus of plain talk, values based coaching and consulting. SHe partnered with two other coach entrepreneurs in 2009 – 2013 to design, implement and execute Roving Coach International designed to bring coaching to the masses – with a mission of “Creating World Peace in the Workplace…one employee at a time!”. This cradle to grave endeavor clearly marks an entrepreneurial experience equal to an MBA! From sales and success with companies like Lockheed Martin, Bank of America, and Inspire Pharmaceuticals to name a few as well as applied leadership of a global coaching network to establishing recognition as a B corporation…it was well worth it! But her passion and focus was all about the one on one coaching experience.

Her passion for executive coaching and on one one partnering with a consciousness-based approach aligned with ontological or “a way of being” methodology is transformational for her clients. She brings both experience, insight, mentoring and coaching to every interaction. Nicoa is known as a go to, values based executive coach for many Fortune 500 companies and the US Government. She works only on referral and keeps her client base small to ensure dedicated, personalized, holistic partnering.  She believes the best she can offer others is a plain talk, values based partnership to help people help themselves! Real transformation for real leaders. And she promises it will be fun, too!